Credit Repair

The Bible teaches us the correct way to handle money for prosperity and to help our fellow brothers and sisters. Remember that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and we all are entitled to prosperity.

Many people believe that money is not important until they actually need it. Being broke and poor is not an honor to God. How can you focus on God and help people when you’re broke?

The first step in financial freedom is understanding that money is just a tool and nothing more. However, this tool has rules. What rules? Here are some examples:

  • Have excellent credit.
  • Time is the most important commodity, not money.
  • Goals must have specific amounts.
  • Why specify amount.
  • Prayer and considering it done.
  • Demand the amount you need.
  • Rebuke all negative association to money.
  • Money is an instrument.
  • Money is based on your contributing value.
  • Money has a price.
  • You must have a budget.
  • Income is senior to spending.
  • No debt.
  • Invest money with plan.
  • Consider owning a business.
  • Consider a marketing plan whether employee or business owner.
  • Tithe to Church.
  • Be the best at whatever you do.
  • Execute plan.
  • Transform the mind from faith to faith glory to glory.
  • Use the power of faith.
  • Get rid of limiting beliefs.

At Alan Goldstein Ministries we believe that money was created by God and therefore we teach financial principles based on the word of God.

Credit Repair

The first thing we focus on is your credit score. Your credit score determines many things. Here are some examples of the items we fight to remove from your credit bureau:

  • Bankruptcy Filing Records
  • Items Included in Bankruptcy
  • Charge-offs (Paid and Un-paid)
  • Collections (Paid and Un-paid)
  • Late Payments
  • Negative Duplicate Accounts
  • Negative Closed Accounts
  • Inquiries
  • Wage Earner Plan
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgments (Civil or Small Claims)
  • Late Payments
  • Repossessions (Legal or Voluntary)
  • Tax Liens (State or Federal)

And any other item containing the following codes:

  • R – Revolving (most often a Credit Card)
  • I – Installment (most often a Mortgage or Auto Loan)
  • R2 or I2 = 30 Days Late
  • R3 or I3 = 60 Days Late
  • R4 or I4 = 90 Days Late
  • R5 or I5 = 120 Days Late
  • R7 or I7 = Regular Payments are being made under the Wage Earner Plan
  • R8 or I8 = Repossession
  • R9 or I9 = Charge off


Biblical Financial Teachings

The second thing we provide is a detailed guide on how to control your money based on biblical financial teachings. God showed us an exact method on how to deal with money. We’ll provide this information to you.

Basic Financial Teaching Videos

The third thing we’ll provide are several videos discussing basic financial plans. These videos are the same videos taught as a pre requisite to bankruptcy. These videos are very informative for mastering the topic of money.

Our services are free with a $500 donation. To get started click below. We look forward to helping you increase your credit rating and mastering money.